bittnerness of failure

Tomorrow we will have the informal review session for the first increment [if you call it increment]. I had different kinds of challenges in this project, all team players coming from different backgrounds.  And always there is lots of to learn, bitterness of failure can be medicine for weaknesses.
1. Project scope was never clear as usual.
Lots of rework and change lists to go over many times [for models and code]
2. Team was not aware of how we are going to implement it. [Maybe some of them yes, but communication was not enough]
Incremental methodology should have been understood by project manager. All the project analysis phase is being done in six months, with one developer assigned. This developer was supposed to attend all the meetings, and tried to understand what she is supposed to be doing in six months. Analysts thought their task is over and they can wait for testing; delivered just UI specs. Developer was told to deliver models, design diagrams, code it, and keep up to date.
A project for more than a year, was planned in two increments [Increments were not really increments.]

Some people were complaining that the design documentation was not reviewed by analysts…[Can they?] Is this the point where waterfall becomes efficient? Something like spiral, but even if spiral, isn’t it the “working software” triggers analysis phase, not documents…

3. A new methodology called PSDM [an alternative version of RUP] was around to use, but no one had expertise. [Lots of hard work to understand how it is working with consultants, but they were mastering the project, lack of communication]
4. Roles were not definite [still not], and conflict of interests were stressful.
[Who should be the technical lead
-if we had one developer, why we would have one?
-if we have more developers coming on board, what is the role definition of technical lead? what is the expectation from him as technical details/giving support as well? if not who is going to the support?]
5. Analysis Model was done by the developer, [even consultants could not notice], and when she needed Design Model, she override the documents/system types. [No one was using those material, so no one has noticed…]
What is the point of creating documents….
Want to deliver “working software” frequently…


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