What are barriers behind the delegation. Let’s look at with closer eyes:
a. Jealous:
      The delegated person can do a wonderful job.  We can realise/feel how bad we were doing the same task. A competency and comparison is unevitable
b. Guilty – Increasing to overloading
      By delegating a task, we are increasing the overload of that person.
c. Fear – Being overtaken
      We can be overtaken if the person is doing quite well. He can underestimate ourselves and can get promotion.
d. No Time
     Sometime, we don’t want to delegate because we don’t have time for delegation. “Telling what to do” takes more time than “doing it.”
e. Security
     The task we are doing can involve some secure information. We may not want it to be shared across other people.
f.  Enough skill/training
    Candidates for the task we are trying to delegate may not have enough skills/trainings. We see ourselves in power to be the only one to be able to do that task.
g. Love the task
    If we like the task, we are less likely to delegate it. Either it is easy or it gives excitement to us, we want to do that task on our own.
h. Hate the task
   If we think the task is useless and have repetition, too complex/ too easy, we may not want to share the task we hate.
i. Don’t like the person
   If we don’t like the person the less likely we want to give the task and watch him being successful.
j. The less motivation from the person
   If the candidates have less motivation than you have, and you don’t see them as willingful as you are, you may not assign the task, but do it on your own.

Knowing the causes helps to find out the solutions…


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