BCS Women in Tomorrow’s World

On Thursday [21st January 2010], I have attended to a seminar called “Tomorrow’s World Tomorrow’s Women” [TWTW] organised by BCS. Dr Sue Black is the organiser and founder of BSC Women in 2001, which has more than 1500 members. It was a nice interactive seminar about what should be done, and a bit evaluation of what has been done.
The bullet list from the seminar I got are:
-Apraisal for women should include more positive critics [around %90] and less negative critics [%10]. Women will always be sitting on the negative side…
– Girls at the age 10 can be motivated by meeting women proffesionals in IT, having a day would help a lot.
– After a certain age, people can select second jobs, so maybe women could be encouraged to shift to IT eve if they have not got education for IT.
– Instead of importing IT people, UK should grow its own resources…
– At the development role, women are stuck. They may work on managerial skills more to have a position on board, and influence people…
– %7 of board members of IT Telecom companies in Europe are women…
– Women, earning around £80k, are not interested in new positions offering more… [family life, husband is earning already…]

Wishing for more women in IT will not help, and should be put into pratice obviously, any ideas?


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