Verifying the xml send to webservice

Although there are nice tools, like SoapUI for testing webservices, the hard part I found was verifying the xml send over http. The parameters were sent in correct format, the xml schema verified, but the values are placed as they supposed to be? The list goes on…
Netmom, Network Monitor, available under Administrative Tools, with WireShark solves the problem instantly. Quite easy to use, and the benefit is priceless!

There are just four steps to set up the Netmom, and Wireshark is good at displaying the result.

Step1:Open Menu->Capture->Addresses->Add
Put IP Address in Name and Address, then OK e.g. destination =

Adding Address

Step2:Open Menu->Capture -> Filter
i) Highlight Address Pairs
ii) Address -> Add
iii) Select:
* MCJS-WKS004 on left hand side i.e. your own machine NOT the one
* Choose the destination IP Address in right hand column
iv) If no traffic is captured – then choose ANY as destination

Filtering Address

Step 3: Menu-> Capture -> Start and you can run your test now.

Step 4: Open the saved file with Wireshark.


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