Linear Way of Thinking

When I came across with Mindmaps, I was very happy seeing there are other people in the world that thinks thinking can’t be only the lists. Your mind may want to expose the (never ending/circular) links in a different way rather than sorted lists.

If you haven’t give a chance.

I feel disappointed when I search for things, it is not I can find a file with a search keyword on a specific/whole directory, but when I want reach I file, I want to remember I create/access that file before. I am after the links most of the time, not the file.

Internet browsers in that sense are quite dissapointing. The history does list all the links. “OK, well, I know K was talking about M on his blog, and then M was talking about Z, but can’t remember the name for Z.” The history does list K, M, Z not in order that I have accessed. [I may have a time delay between my access times, could look other L, O, Y pages.]
And my memory is enough weird that I can remember exactly which date I was looking for, but not the hours. I can remember K most of the time, the starter, but then all becomes complicated.
Thanks to Mark’s blog on sketches, and Graphviz group at AT&T.
My graph is not depending on real data, but I tried to make it look sensible. The horizontal line is timeline.
As “web” is more net shaped, possible this world graph would be more realistic. But for now, this one will be enough to tell my problem for visualisation of my internet history. What is missing is “ports” that the line/word/link I moved from one site from another. And would be happy the page caches which lines I have not read.
[Yes I know, first web should log which lines my scrollbar is rolling/my mouse clicking, and it can be frustating, but will save a lot of time for me:)]

The web history...


Development environments are disappointing as well. Thanks to Resharper, you can find the usage of a file, or can go to definition, so both ways you are navigate through your code in the same assembly. The problem starts with legacy codes. You want to change a sproc, and trying to findout where this could have been used. There is little chance that, your common library code accessing that sproc is duplicated in UI layer somewhere in another assembly. Well done!
When you search for a branch/directory, the result is just a list. No links/connections/dependencies.

Let’s see how I will get on with the project.


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