Internal Interview? Piece of cake?

If you have the chance to work for a rapidly growing/blue chip company, and every other year/bi-year, new opportunities appear, you know what the internal interview is. If you have not done so, this article is a still good one to read for normal interviews!

It looks so easy at first to have an internal interview. And if you were in a position where the role was being offered to you, [but of course thay have to see the other candidates..], it looks really like a piece of cake…

Too easy? Anything seems to easy can become a challange, and lots of things can go wrong…Here is the list for the challenges and some tips to make the best out of you.

Unlike normal interviews, there won’t be an agent, talking to you about the company, the interview, and what to expect from the interview.
This does not mean that you should contact the HR department and get more details about the format of the interview, what type of questions to expect.

* They have an idea about you before you go to the interview.
Contact influential people:
Make sure they have a good idea about you. The people who know your performance, successful projects, and talent, may not be the influential people over interviewers. Worse than that, the interviewers may have connections with the people who does not technical backgrounds, does not understand the values you’ve added to the projects, and your talent. So, make sure, you have talked to these influential people before the interview, and get some advice after telling your inspirations and reasons why you are a good match for the position.

You are applying for the same you work for. So, they will not ask the basic questions like “Do you know our company?”, which would be a great advantage on external interviews if you have a clear and complete answer.
The advantage is that you will become from your most relevant tasks, i.e. this company. Show them how confident about your company, your knowledge about organisational functions, as well as projects.

The building/room for interview will not a place you have never seen, people looking at you from the glass windows can be familiar faces.
Before the interview go somewhere else, take a 10 minute. And enter the building as if you were interviewing for the first time.  This can cause some anxiety, but will help you to show you are excited, and you can look them from a different perspective.

Characteristics questions will be harder
Be prepared, if you had the chance to be a candidate, other [external] candidates will have probably more technical skills [doubling your years sometimes].
However, do underline that you know the environment, so there is no need for training, learning about company and the culture.
Make sure, you have prepared the answers for the characteristics questions, which will grant them you are the right candidate. Selecting 3 strong&weak characteristic relevant to the job, you need handy examples from your company as well as old ones.

It may not go well, other candidates [as they are selected from hundreds of CVs probably] can be stronger, and better fit for the position. This is not the end of the world, make sure you have a nice half an hour review about your application and why you have failed. Feedbacks will be always useful for yourself, your next application, and understanding their expectations. Do tell them, your motivation will not be less the existing motivation you have, and you value the company and your existing role.  You may never know, what is waiting for you around the corner….


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