Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is an important process to be carried through any project. The involvement and engagement can add value and increase the life of the projects that goes live.

Prince2 [Project Management Framework] suggests a good framework for the process:

1. Identification : Know your target people. Who is going to be affected by this project?
2. Analysis of Profiles: This creates inclusive environment where stakeholders’ points of views, influence power, conflicts, interests and tradeoffs can be elicitated. We can divide this group into 4 in the most basic form:
a. Support or oppose the project
b. Gain or lose as a result of the project delivery
c. See the project as a threat or enhancement to their position
d. Become active supporters or blockers of the project/its progress.
3. Defining strategy: The communication stragety will be defined:
a. For each profile, the method, format and frequency of the communication
b. The message sender and receipent are decided
c. What information will be communicated ?
4. Planning strategy: With the correct communicator, the negotiations’ timing and method will be planned.
5. Engaging stakeholders  ( Negotiations and Partnership): Carry out the plan.
6.Checking effectiveness (Monitoring): What are the results?


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