Left somewhere up and high

If you can’t find the accountable and responsible people defined, you may find people complaining about

– the number of the emails they receive

– repeating same mistakes

– no central location for documents

simply because you are not learning from your mistakes.

Accountable people normally pay the bill of a mistake, and make sure they are not going to pay it twice. If a process is not in place, people get confused, but if they are really nice people, they will try to keep the system going without looking for an accountable.

Responsible people make sure that next time they have a smart way of doing it, at least by not repeating the same mistakes…

No accountable? No bill?
No responsible? No assigned people?

Some people enjoy this as this is an opportunity that they learn a “different task” each time. The environment is so slippy that they can be “x manager” this week, “y manager” next week. Do they know what “x manager” should do/know/implement? No…
Has their task finished? Yes, not the best one, but they managed to get it working [with silly hours of work]

So, because it is working, some people enjoy; the people suffer plays the nice guy…  because they are all nice…
If they want to object/comment/suggest, they are left somewhere up and high …


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