JaxDevops 2017

I had the chance to attend JaxDevOps London, here is a valuable session from Daniel Bryant about the common mistakes done for Microservices…

    1. Lust [Use the Unevaluated Latest and Greatest Tech]:
      1. Be an expert on Evaluation
      2. Spine Model: Going up the spine solves the problems, not the first step: Tools, but Practices, Principles, Values, Needs.
    2. Gluttony: Communication Lock-In
      1. Don’t rule out RPC [eg. GRPC]
      2. Stick to the Principle of Least Surprise: [Json over Https]
      3. Don’t let API Gateway murphing into EBS
      4. Check the cool tools: Mulesoft,Kong, Apigee, AWS API Gateway
    3. Greed: What Is Mine [within the Org]
      1. “We’ve decided to reform our teams around squads, chapters, and Guilds”:  Be aware of Cargo-Culting:
    4. Sloth: Getting Lazy with NFR:
      1. Ilities: “Availability, Scalability, Auditability, Testability” can be Afterthought
      2. Security: Aaron Grattafiori DockerCon2016 Talk/InfoQ
      3. Thoughtworks: AppSec & Microservices
      4. Build Pipeline:
        1. Perfromance and load testing:
          1. Gatling/JMeter
          2. Flood.IO [upload Gatling script/scale]
        2. Security Testing:
          1. FindSecBugs/OWasp dependency check
          2. Bdd-Security (Owasp Zap)/ Arachi
          3. Gaunltl /Serverspec
          4. Docker Bench for security/Clair
    5. Wrath: Blowing Up When Bad Things Happen
      1. Michael Nyard (Release It) : Turn ops to Simian Army
      2. Distributed Transactions:
        1. Don’t push transactional scope into Single Service
        2. Supervisor/Processor Manager: Erlang OTP, Akka, EIP
      3. Focus on What Matters:
        1. CI/CD
        2. Mechanical Sympathy
        3. Logging
        4. Monitoring
      4. Consider:
        1. DEIS
        2. CloudFoundry
        3. OpenShift
    6. Envy: The Shared Single Domain and (Data Store) Fallacy
      1. Know your DD:
        1. Entities
        2. Value Objects
        3. Aggregates and Roots
        4. Book:
          1. Implementing Domain-Driven Design
          2. Domain-Driven Distilled [high level]
            1. Context Mapping [Static] & Event Storming [Dynamic]
              1. infoq
              2. ziobrando
            2. Data Stores:
              1. RDBMS:
              2. Cassandra
              3. Graph -> Neo4J, Titan
              4. Support! Op Overhead
    7. Pride: Testing in the World
      1. Testing Strategies in a Microservice Architecture [Martin Fowler]
      2. Andew Morgan [Virtual API Service Testing]
      3. Service Virtualisation:
        1. Classic Ones:
          1. CA Service Virtualization
          2. Parasoft Virtualize
          3. HPE Service Virtualization
          4. IBM Test Virtualization Server
        2. New kids:
          1. [SpectoLabs] Hoverfly: Lightweight
            1. Fault Injection
            2. Chaos Monkey
          2. Wiremock
          3. VCR/BetaMax
          4. MounteBank
          5. Mirage










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